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First steps?


So what’s the plan? When I think about the sort of health issues I discuss with clients there are a number of items which seem to come up again and again. Then I look to myself and realise I really must listen to myself and practice as I preach. Over the last few days since, my eureka moment, I have been listening to what I say to my customers and what I have been doing myself. Key areas for me, which seem quite universal to the human experience, in no particular order, are: 1. Moderating weight – and the struggle with that as we get older 2. Eating well and regularly 3. Ensuring that we keep hydrated and drink when we are thirsty 4. Energy levels – whether its due to just doing too much, not getting enough good quality sleep, or other underlying issues such as menopause 5. Getting regular exercise and maintaining fitness 6. Getting the balance right between work and play – learning how to relax 7. Being proactive with our health and using the techniques and treatments available to us to do that. Its all very well identifying these areas but doing something about it is another matter, I know. So I have now done a little measuring to identify where I am now and from there where I want to be, so hear goes… 1. I’ve got this great little set of scales which can tell me how heavy I am in stone and pounds or kilogrammes, my BMI and my % body weight of fat, muscle and water. On the scales this morning my weight was … too much, BMI over 28 and my %’s were 43.4% fat, 36.7 % water and 33.3% muscle. Now according to the books, I should be 2 stones 11 lbs lighter, have a BMI of 25 and optimal %s should be less than 33.9% fat, and 49% or more water. 2. I’m very good at eating breakfast every day, but the rest of it goes a bit fuzzy from thereon in! Which can mean missing lunches or being very late, and then that ripples on to dinner where I then eat far too late. This can mean that I grab what’s available and not necessarily the best! So for example today, I ran out and got a baked potato – cheese and coleslaw! 3. Fluids wise, well some days I’m great – then others…. I can go all day without having a drink – in fact I’m parched now! 4. Energy levels are dropping, now I know I pack out my days and weeks and months and I’m not getting any younger – but ….. 5. I’ve played competitive netball since infant school but I’ve noticed this season training is just that little bit harder. Like a lot of households I have lots of things like elliptical trainer, Wii Fit, Yoga videos to name a few that just don’t see the light of day. 6. Too much ‘work’ and not enough ‘play’. 7. Now this is definitely the same the world over, I treat people day in, day out and yet I don’t have regular treatments myself. So that’s the easy bit, now I have to decide where I want to be, what my goals are for fitness, weight, energy and activity and then plan to get there, and for me it is all about planning and then follow through. That’s tonight’s job…..