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The Way Forward


Creating new habits is much harder than losing them and I’m definitely finding that so.  I’ve been distracted from the process already! I can come up with plenty of excuses (can’t we all) but no good reasons - busy at work, run up to Christmas and on and on……..

 My Christmases in the past have always been a time for review, contemplation and forward planning – setting out what I want to do and achieve in the next year. I draw up these wonderfully full mindmaps to cover all parts of my life with measurable goals to each section – but then don’t have the follow through – the all important ACTION!

 I’m hoping and planning on this blog this year to be a two way street – some helpful and useful information for you to identify your goals and support you in achieving them ….. and for me …. a structure to support my action to achieve my own goals! Here I am going to focus on my goals around Health & Wellbeing!

 So what does that mean to us. We each will have different ideas, but I’m hoping that my goals will cover a good proportion of them and give you at least a starting point from which to set out.


  1. Healthy Eating – for me this means what I eat and when I eat it! As I’ve mentioned before its not unknown for me to miss meals or eat very late and consequently too much in one go. So …..
    1. Planning meals – to ensure that I buy what I need and no more, so it is available for me when I need it
    2. Preparing meals ahead of time so that I can eat in a timely fashion and have meals to hand
    3. Plan meal times into my diary
    4. Portion control – use a smaller plate!
    5. Regular fluids – water at my desk and treatment room
  2. Regular Exercise – for mind and body! Exercise is a two pronged intervention for me. I think we can all agree how much better we feel having got the blood running round the system, but also for me it is a great way to break into the thought processes and break away from work. I have plenty of activity easily available to me that I am just not using – Elliptical Trainer, Wii Fit, Yoga DVDs as well at netball training, golf and more recently Badminton.
    1. Initially then, a minimum of 10 minutes activity every other day in January, increasing in February forward
  3. Weight Loss – this to me is about achieving a weight (your fighting weight!) at which you feel comfortable and not necessarily the figures in the books according to your height and sex. For me to achieve my ‘ideal’ weight I don’t believe would be entirely healthy so my goals will be more realistic and once I’m there I will be in a better position to judge if more is required. My goals in this area then are currently to:     
    1. Lose 1.5 to 2 stone – then review
    2. Reduce my measurements round chest, waist, hips and thighs
  4. Body Regime – I’m pretty good with my facial regime – using NYR Organic products for cleansing, toning and moisturising, however the rest of my body goes hang a bit really!       Yet again I have it all available to me but don’t put the time into it. Obviously improving my fluid intake will aid an improvement to the state of my skin, but aiding it with a body scrub and moisturising are habits I need to establish!
    1. Daily moisturising and weekly body pamper scrub!
  5. Treatments – establishing some regular treatments for me is very much a preventative maintenance process. With the work I do treating people, working at a computer and previous whiplash injury, tension accumulates and I ultimately can suffer real discomfort and migraine like headaches that certainly impede my feeling of wellbeing. However, with regular treatments, massage or reflexology, it seems to keep this at bay.
    1. I will plan to have one massage and one reflexology treatment a month
  6. Work/Life Balance – this is kind of a difficult one for me. I currently only have myself to consider and love what I do for a living.       As consequence considering it work doesn’t quite feel right – however, I know I have to make a mental adjustment here in order to ring the changes and give myself a chance to relax and smell the roses (don’t like coffee!).                     
    1. I want to spend more ‘quality’ time with family and friends, but I still need to pay the mortgage! I’m not entirely sure that I can identify a measurable finite goal here but I plan to judge it initially by the time I spend on earning a living and that I spend on play. This will help me identify how effective I am being and ensure that I am capturing all billable time too.

 We are always full of good intentions at this time of year, so take advantage of that enthusiasm. Don’t outface yourself with huge goals that are miles away, take small steps and achieve them – nothing better than success to breed success.

 I’d love to hear your thoughts and any suggestions you have to help me on my path – anything you have done before and has worked for you! I’m all ears!

Wishing you all the best for a Health and Prosperous New Year for 2013 and beyond.