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COVID UPDATE -Following the update to the COVID guidelines and lockdown this week (9/7/20) relating to Complementary Practitioners, we have determined that in our circumstances we shall remain closed and will review the situation at the end of July 2020. Please be reassured all outstanding Salus vouchers will be honoured.

reflexology.jpgWhat is it?

Reflexology is a therapy for activating the healing powers of the body through treatment of the feet or hands. Based on long established principles the treatments have been developed to the modern day method of reflexology.

Using the principles of energy zones and reflexes that run through the body and feet which correspond with all the organs and systems of the body, pressure is applied to the feet (or hands) in a systematic way providing both an assessment tool and treatment at the same time.


The treatment induces deep relaxation, reduces stress, improves circulation, balances the body’s systems, revitalises and cleanses the body.

Reflexology also has benefits during pregnancy and to help balance the body when trying to conceive

Practitioners: Sara

45 minute appointment £40.00

1 hour appointment £50.00

Call us on 07775558859 to book your appointment or click here to buy your voucher online